September 1, 2016


So awhile back I caught Suicide Squad (who hasn't!!!) and almost instantly, I fell in love with Harley Quinn acted by Margot Robbie. Prior to this video I have read many articles online about how the character Harley Quinn isn't as simple as she seemed in the movie and that girls shouldn't inspire to be like her as there's more to her relationship with the Joker falling within the lines of domestic abuse etc.. however just a heads up that I'm not glorying the negativity or encouraging people to look up to her as a role model but I attempted this look all in the name of fun~~~
Do enjoy my video and for the full list of products used it's under the video description!

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July 31, 2016


Holla! It's been awhile since I last did a lens post and today I'll be introducing the Little Pony series which I have been wearing for the past month.
The Little Pony series comprises of 4 colours: Brown, Gray, Silver and Gold! If I'm not wrong there is a Pony series as well but for this series the lenses are more true to your pupil size as compared to the Pony series (probably thats why it's called Little) They have little to no enlarging effect so if you are looking for more natural sized lenses these are highly recommended in terms of size!

As for the colors, I would classify the Brown and Grey to be lighter in shade and has a slightly more dramatic effect as compared to the Gold and Silver (below) after make-up application, in my opinion they would look better with make up than without! As for a darker and more natural shade, Gold and Silver would be better :)
For the past month I have been rotating between these 4 tones but I find myself wearing the Little Pony Brown and Little Pony Silver the most as I felt both shades were the easiest to match and were really easy to work with or without makeup!

And of course where else can you get these lenses but from DazzleMeLens! For my past reviews check them out (HERE)

The more you buy, the cheaper it is :)
1 Pair = $7.20 per pair (180baht)
3 Pairs = $6.64 per pair (500 baht)
10 Pairs = $6.40 per pair (160 baht)

20 Pairs = $6.00 per pair (150 baht)

If you have ordered 10pairs and above before and are a returning customer, you can buy 1 pair the next time and pay the same price which is 160 baht!

DHL (1-2 working days)
 1-10 pairs shipping will cost: ~$44SGD/ 1100 baht
11-20 pairs shipping will cost: ~$50SGD/ 1250 baht

EMS (2-3 working days) *20% discount till May'16*
 1-4 pairs shipping will cost: ~$36SGD/ 900 baht (after discount: $28.80SGD/ 720 baht)
5-10 pairs shipping will cost: ~$38SGD/ 950 baht (after discount: $30.40SGD/ 760 baht)
11-20 pairs shipping will cost: ~$43.20SGD/ 1080 baht (after discount: $34.56SGD/ 864 baht)

REGISTERED MAIL (7-8 working days)
1 pair shipping will cost: ~$5SGD/ 125 baht
2-20 pairs shipping will cost: ~$5SGD/ 125baht plus $1SGD/ 25 baht for every subsequent pair(s)

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Quote "ponypony" in your order and state that you're reader to receive
a free set of contact lens case along with your order! 

Payment can be made via Paypal to
(cheapest  and most convenient option for payment)
If not, you can register through Paypal and transfer through other methods such as
Bank transfer to Thailand, Western Union or Money Gram

- Facebook page (Dazzle Me Contact Lens)
- Email, ( )
or - LINE (LINE ID: pan0802, nawisa)
If you don't have line, just drop them a facebook message or email to order! 
If you or you have friends coming to Thailand, you can place an order with DazzleMeLens first and collect + pay it at the store respectively.

Visit their store in Platinum Mall:
Room 441, Oxford 2, 2nd floor, Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok, Thailand 10400

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July 18, 2016


One of the key factors that our skin needs, yet how many of us are guilty of not religiously hydrating our skin? I can say that I am guilty, because I honestly do not have the discipline to apply anything to my skin every single day so I have been trying my best to moisturise and treat my skin 3-4 days out of a week and with the help of Vaseline, my skin has never been happier as compared to before!
 I have done an advert for Vaseline before (here) in 2014 and ever since then I have been a pro Vaseline fan.. so I'm not saying this just because it is an ad but because I have been supporting and using their products since then and I'm absolutely in love with how well it hydrates and absorbs into my skin without leaving behind any sticky residue!
It comes in 3 variants for you to choose from and they are
1. Aloe Soothe for soothing and calming the skin
2. Deep Restore for nourishing dry skin
3. Advanced Strength for sensitive skin
Of all the products I personally like the Vaseline Aloe-Soothe, the smell of it is very light yet pleasant and it makes me feel refreshed when I apply it after my showers. After spraying the product on it would require another 20-30 seconds of rubbing it in till it gets fully absorbed and I'm done!
I am currently using the one on the right VS the new bottle on the left and the new one is the obvious winner for me! Super tempted to just ditch the old bottle and jump onto the new one haha. I also feel that this new design allows for portability, you can always throw this into your bag and take it to work or travel without worrying about leaks!
However, the texture of the product is less thicker than a cream and more towards a foamy, light and  mousse-like texture. It also contains micro-droplets of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to nourish dry skin. It hydrates the skin really well and I actually prefer this texture more! 
The Vaseline Spray Moisturiser is now out and available in stores so do check it out when you have the time. Always remember that hydration is key so don't neglect your skin and start treating yourself today! Am glad that I got to give this new product a shot and will definitely be using this regularly from now on :)

July 13, 2016


Brows - One of the features on our faces which I find super important. How you groom, shade or draw them can make a huge difference in your appearance. As for myself, I can go out without a full face make up but I always make sure that I need to have my brows filled in! 

To give myself the convenience of not reaching out to my brow pencil on a No Make Up day, an Eyebrow Embroidery would be the best option. I have had Eyebrow Embroidery done before years ago and it's been awhile since I got them done again. This time, I'm really happy to have them done at Le Queenz and here I would like to share my experience with you guys :)
Aside from Eyebrow Embroidery services, Le queenz do provide Facial Treatments and Advanced Body Hair Removal services too!

I will be leaving my brows in the hands of Master Beauty Artist Elaine who has years of experience in Eyebrow Embroidery. She gave me a detailed brow analysis which suits my face and enhance my facial features at the same time.

At Le Queenz a 'soft' embroidery technique is applied instead so the entire process is very gentle resulting in a more natural result. Compared to the traditional tattoo, the stroke by stroke technique is very delicate so there was little to no pain! I was very amazed that at the end of the procedure there was zero bleeding as well.
And here's the end result with my brows looking fuller than before and very natural! I was surprised they didn't come off too dark so it was really fine to go out right after the procedure without looking as tho I had overly darkened brows :) 
I can say this is the first time in a long time that I have been really pleased with my brows! I'm so thankful for Le Queenz for doing such a good job and giving me a boost of confidence with these new brows. The recovery process was a breeze for me as well, I just had to avoid using any products on my brows and keeping them dry and hydrated! A little redness is normal and expected after the embroidery and it will last for a few hours! Peeling was minimal although it itched a little for about a day or two but other than that everything else was good :)
Here's my brows after a week and a half, fully recovered so I didn't have to draw them anymore!

If you're looking for a place to get your brows done I would highly recommend entrusting them to Le Queenz!

Block 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-28 Singapore 082001 
Tel: 6244 0228 / 8533 2336
Do call and make an appointment with them before heading down,
you can also find more information with them at:

And for my readers, here's a special promo for you when you visit Le Queenz!
Quote "Donna X Le Queenz $480 Eyebrow Embroidery" to enjoy $200 off the usual package,
this package includes first consultation, embroidery service and two color service
valid till the 31st December 2016


June 8, 2016


Great news to share with you guys, I have collaborated with BK Singapore and will be entrusting my skin and aesthetic concerns to them for the next upcoming months so if do follow up with my posts to see what I have for you guys :) 
For those who didn't know, the BK Medical Group is really big and popular in Korea, even before I knew about their clinic in Singapore I have seen and heard their name mentioned countless times so it was very to know that I can trust their credibility and work :) 

For my first visit I had a consultation with Dr Daniel Chang, he's a really nice doctor and I really appreciated how he listened and understood the troubles I had with my face. It was really comfortable consulting with him and I really felt at ease as I knew he would treat my skin right! 
(sadly his last day at BK was a few days ago so he will no longer be in BK Singapore anymore)
Okay so most people around me would ask "What is wrong with your face Donna?"
Complexion wise I'm pretty please as I haven't got any active breakouts but I would like to remove a few pigmentation and dark spots left over from previous acne scars as well as maintain a clear complexion so I got laser done!
after my zygoma and jaw reduction surgery 2 years ago in Korea, I felt that I have quite a bit of "skin" under my eyes and cheeks . Especially in areas labelled A and B in the picture above. Initially I thought it was fats so I assumed I should just lose weight. Despite losing weight recently, I felt that there wasn't a change to my face so I kept thinking that my face is forever going to be fat (hahaha) However Dr Chang told me that those weren't fat and were sagging skin that's left over after losing weight and removing the bones from my surgery.. (didn't realise this was going to happen) so I was really bummed as this meant no matter how much weight I was going to lose my skin is going to be like this :(

To combat my sagging skin Dr Change suggested doing Botox V-lift, this involved injecting small doses of botox along my face from the temples to my jawline to tighten the skin as well as stimulating and re-ordering the fibroblasts of the skin cells to bind more elastin and collagen, to create an instant tightening effect!
Left: Without V-lift | Right: With V-lift
It was recommended to have a few sessions done in order to get the optimum results but you can already see results from one session! There isn't a downtime for this procedure except for a couple of small red spots and minor bruising depending on the individual but other than that the treatment went by very quickly! 

Overall I was extremely pleased with the treatment and experience with BK Hospital Singapore, I will be going back for a review and next laser session so I will be posting my treatment results in the next post where you can see more improvement then :)

BK Hospital SG |
Dr. Daniel Chang

June 6, 2016


Today is the start of a brand new week and I thought it would be great to do some self pampering so I decided to get my lashes and hair done today :) 

This is my 3rd time visiting Lushlashhh (@lushlashhh) and it has always been a great experience getting my lashes done with them. I think my friends around me would have heard me mention before about how much I used to hate lash extensions as they would make most of my lashes fall off and of course (my itchy fingers wouldn't leave them alone) hahaha but after several experiences with a few places I finally found that the technique and lashes here suits me best!
 Did mention them on my Instagram before but this is the first time talking about them on my blog! Above are the various designs and types of lashes that they do. They are very versatile and can work to customising according to your preference :)
 Here's the end result! Mine is the C- Curl with a mix of 11 and 13mm lashes :)
If you are looking for a place to get your lashes done you can give Lushlashh a go!
They have currently launched packages for lash extensions as well so it's really worth checking out!
Instagram: Lushlashh
The Arcade @Raffles place #03-12, Tel: 85685268
After my lashes I also decided to pop by Salon Vim to get treatment done :)
About 2 months back I found my hair is the worst state ever...... My ends were super dry and one portion of my hair broke until there's a bunch of it that's only a few cms long. IT'S DAMN SCARY. I think it was because it was neglecting my hair so I didn't apply serums, mask nor dried it properly so it just became super damaged. I returned to Salon Vim months after (should have salvaged it earlier) and my hairdresser (Weng) had a shock.
Since then I was told to return every 2 weeks to get intensive treatment done. There wasn't a name to the treatment I did because Weng customised it for me to salvage my hair as much as he could. I also snipped quite a few inches off recently so I'm happy to say my hair is slowly regaining it's shine as well as strength with continuos treatments!
Meanwhile... let's take a moment to enjoy my long lashes..... Haha
After an entire day of treatments here's a selfie with nice long lashes and healthier hair! 
Looking forward to my next treatment in 2 weeks time :) 

Salon Vim is kick starting the GSS with promotions with up to 55% off their double treatments!
They have launched their e-store so you can purchase your service vouchers online and enjoy the treatments after :) 
Check it out at today X